FSU Software Purchasing Process

Viewing & Purchasing Process

University provided software and prices can be found on FSU's user services website http://sl.us.fsu.edu/ under the "Software" heading. Please fill out a Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) with the appropriate information. The "APPROVED BY" and "APPROVER'S EMAIL ADDRESS" should be filled in by the Chemistry Department's Buisness Manager in order to approve the proposed budget.

Adobe Acrobat reader is also avialable for free download on the same page.

Anti-Virus Software

Departmental I.T. staff members have the McAfee Anti-Virus Software media. McAfee is only available for computers purchased with FSU money. The first purchase of McAfee requires the "One-Time License Fee" plus the "Yearly Maintenance Fee" for each computer. All subsequent renewals of the McAfee software from that point on will only require purchasing the "Yearly Maintenance Fee". Current McAfee Pricing from FSU is offered through FSU user services, and negotiates prices directly with the vendor. All personal computers will need to check the FSU book store for pricing and availability on Anit Virus Software. The book store will provide the software at an educational discount. AVG is a decent free Anti Virus that can be an option until you decide on a proprietary one.


Check out "Microsoft® Campus Agreement Subscription & the Work at Home" information. Basically this agreement allows faculty and staff to upgrade their Microsoft operating systems to later versions for a single charge. There is also an option to purchase the MS office suite for about the same amount.

External Software

For software NOT obtainable through FSU; http://www.campustech.com/ is one option.

Last Modified: 06/09/2009