Email Auto Responder

Follow the instructions below to set up an auto response filter for situations like multi-day conferences, going on vacation, or simply filtering redundant email message reminders into a desired folder. This has to be done through the webmail interface at the following website: (The local department webmail system). Login using your email prefix for the username and its associated password.

Steps on how to enable the out of office reply

Use the following steps to set up the filter (vacation auto response):

  1. Click on the plus sign next to the "Mail" link in the left hand menu.
  2. After it expands then click on the "Filters" link.
  3. In the main portion of the site click on "Vacation".
  4. Type in your complete email address.
  5. If you wish to not let someone know you are out of the office, then list each address here.
  6. Ensure the following has a check: "Do not send response to bulk or list messages".

  7. Leave the "Default number of days" as is.
  8. Provide your subject.
  9. Type in the auto response message you wish to be sent out.
  10. Click Save.

Finally, click back on "Filter" and ensure that there is a green check next to "Vacation". If there isn't one, then just click on the red "X" and it will activate your response. To deactivate your auto responder, simply go back into the filter options in webmail and click on the green check next vacation to DEACTIVATE the auto response.

You will still receive email messages sent to your email account when this option is turned on. Please remember to deactivate the auto response when you return from vacation. To do this, simply go back into the webmail system and disable/deactivate the vacation option by pressing the green check mark next to the vacation option.

I have provided a screen shot examples below.

Concerns/Questions can be sent to webmaster [at]