Undergraduate Course Announcements


For Spring 2018:
Any unused high demand seats (in CHM1045/L, CHM1046/L, CHM2210, CHM2211, CHM2211L and BCH 4053) will be automatically released by the registration system on 11/21/2017 for general chemistry and organic chemistry courses. No seats will be given away prior to that date.


Please also note that in high demand courses like CHM1045, CHM1045L, CHM 1046, CHM 1046L, CHM2210, CHM2211 CHM2211L and BCH 4053, students may drop or be dropped from the course due to not having a prerequisite, so additional seats may open up during Drop/Add, please continue to check the course search web page frequently. As we become aware of more demand, we will approach the University for more resources, though none may be available. Finally, we will be diligent about dropping students for first day non-attendance so seats may open that way as well.

After Fall 2017 grades post we will review the academic records of all students registered for a chemistry or biochemistry course and/or lab. At that time, we will be checking for prerequisite or co-requisite courses and those students who do not have the necessary prerequisite or co-requisite courses will be notified and then dropped. This purging of students who do not meet established requirements may also open up additional seats that can be accessed. Please keep checking regularly.

In the event that you are not able to add the course you need prior to the first day of class, you should attend the first class meeting to see if you can be added in the place of a person that does not attend the first day and who will be dropped. Instructions as to how to be added to these courses will be distributed at the first day of each course.