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February 2016

J. Mater. Chem. C highlighted our paper on elctroactive MOFs having tunable electrical conductivity on a brilliant Front Cover.

November 2015

Our work on modulating the electrical conductivity of MOFs with intercalated guest π-systems is published in J. Mater. Chem. C. Congrats Dillip and Zhiyong!

July 2015

We thank NSF (CHE-1507529) for funding our research on anion and ion-pair recognition.

February 2015

Krishnendu and Dillip’s JACS paper is accepted! Congratulations!

July 2014

Flynt Goodson becomes the first graduate student from our laboratory to receive a PhD degree! Congrats Dr. Goodson!

January 2014

We welcome our new postdoc. Dr Zhiyong Guo.

December 2013

We publish our 9th and 10th papers in ChemComm and Supramolecular Chemistry. Congratulations to all those who contributed!

November 2013

We mourn the tragic death of Dr. Atanu Mitra who accidentally drowned at St. George Island beach on October 20. We miss him dearly, but he will live through his creative work.

September 2013

We were granted our first US patent on new colorimetric and fluorimetric fluoride sensing using naphthalenediimdes.

June 2013

Anion-directed assembly of a non-interpenetrated MOF is published in ChemComm.

May 2013

Our ChemComm paper on stimuli-responsive vesicles is featured on the Cover.

May 2013

Our work on electron transfer from anions to perylene diimide is published in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry.

March 2013

Congratulations Atanu, Dillip, and Lucas for their stimuli-responsive vesicle paper in ChemComm.

August 2012

JACS Article (2012) on tunable anion/naphthalenediimide interactions is featured on JACS COVER and SPOTLIGHTS (v. 134, i. 33, August 22, 2012).

ChemComm (2012) paper hits top-10 most read papers in July.

July 2012

Congratulations Dillip, Flynt, Shuvasree, and Rachel for their ChemComm paper on multichromophoric supramolecular solar cell.

June 2012

Samit scores hat-trick with JACS, Flynt and Lucas’ second.

December 2011

Samit and Flynt’s anion/π crystal structure paper is accepted in CrystEngComm.

October 2011

Sourav gratefully acknowledges the receipt of ACS-PRF-DNI grant.

September 2011

Another JACS communication (2011) on anion-induced electron transfer. This time Samit shares anion–π with Flynt, Sovan, Curtis, and Lucas. Congratulations Flynt on his first paper!

March 2011

JACSβ highlights our JACS 2010, 132, 17674 paper with a video abstract.

February 2011

Our 2010 JACS paper hits JACS top-20 most read list in January 2011.

January 2011

FSU Radio and Tallahassee NPR talk about our research on fluoride sensors.

December 2010

The C&EN, Science Daily, FSU News, Frost & Sullivan, R&D Magazine, and The Engineer highlight our work on fluoride ion sensor published in JACS.

November 2010

Samit delivers the Group’s first paper in JACS, DOI: 10.1021/ja107382x on fluoride ion sensing through anion–π and electron transfer interactions. Congratulations, Samit!

May 2010

Group’s first US patent application on colorimetric fluoride sensing is submitted.

Research Highlight
Other News

April 2012

Lucas receives grad school offer from UCLA, UCSB, and UMD.

January 2011

We welcome Rachel Lowell (new undergraduate student) to our group!

December 2011

We welcome Cristian Hubley (new graduate student) to our group!

November 2011

We welcome Atanu Mitra as a new postdoc to the group!

Auf Wiedersehen, Samit! Wish you all the best in Göttingen!

March 2011

We welcome Sovan Roy and Dillip Panda as two new postdocs in the group.

January 2011

We welcome Lucas, Jared, and Curtis to the group.

December 2010

Sourav is awarded FSU Innovator Award by the FSU Research Foundation for intellectual property disclosure on new fluoride ion sensing method.

January 2010

We welcome Samit Guha as a new postdoc in the group.

Sourav is awarded First Year Assistant Professor Award by the FSU-CRC.

November 2009

Christmas comes early to the Saha lab in 2009! We unpack all new lab instruments and equipments to set up the brand new lab in the Chemical Sciences Building at FSU. We are now ready to do chemistry!

October 2009

The honor of the group’s first graduate student goes to Flynt Goodson! Welcome Flynt!

The honor of the group’s first postdoctoral researcher goes to Shuvasree Ray. Welcome Shuvasree!

August 2009

Sourav joins FSU.