The Group:

Susan Latturner

Ashini Jayasinghe

Guillermo Vasquez

Tate Engstrand

Mary Hertz

Wes Potter

John Haddock

Much thanks to the FSU undergraduates contributing to our research: Michael Pousson, Ben Schwartz, Allison Jacobs, Daniel Lyman, Danielle Alvarez, Jason Nyffeler, Connor Thomas, and many others!


Group News:

Wes Potter and Dr. Latturner spent a week at ORNL in January 2018 collecting neutron diffraction data on a single crystal of a new uranium intermetallic compound.

Dr. Ashini Jayasinghe joined the group in Fall 2017 to work on uranium intermetallics as part of the Center for Actinide Science and Technology. Welcome to the group!

John Haddock joined the group in Fall 2016. Welcome to the group!

The Latturner group is participating in the new DOE Energy Frontier Research Center at FSU starting in Fall 2016, exploring synthesis of uranium intermetallics.

Matt presented a poster on metal flux synthesis of complex metal nitrides at the Solid State Chemistry GRC in July 2016.

Ryan participated in the ORNL workshop on Magnetic Structure Determination from Neutron Diffraction Data in May 2016.

Ryan, Tate, and Mary presented their research at the ACS Florida Area Meeting and Exposition in May 2016.

Ryan, Matt, and Sixuan presented their research at the North American Solid State Chemistry Conference in May 2015.


Group Alumni:

Matt Dickman

Ryan Groom (now at Armstrong State University)

Sixuan Zhou (now at Samsung)

Xiaowei Ma (now postdoc at Dalhousie University)

Julia Zaikina (now at Iowa State University)

Evan Benbow (now Development Scientist at Eos Energy Storage)

Milorad Stojanovic (now Adjunct Prof. at U. South Alabama)

Jeff Whalen (now at National High Magnetic Field Lab)

Gina Canfield (now at Tyndall AFB Air Force Research Lab)

Parisa Mahjoor (now teaching at Cal State Fullerton, UCLA)

David Lang (now at Intercat Inc.)

Patricia Tucker (nee Reynolds) (now at Guardian Industries)

Trevor Blankenship

Kurt Silsby

Group Pictures

Wes Potter looking at the reactor pool at the ORNL High Flux Isotope Reactor, and working with Dr. Huibo Cao on the 4-circle single crystal neutron diffractometer on beamline HB-3a.

Trevor Blankenship and Dr. Latturner went to the SNS at ORNL in Nov 2013, to collect neutron diffraction data on the TOPAZ diffractometer.see pictures

Xiaowei Ma and Dr. Latturner spent a week at the High Flux Isotope Reactor at ORNL in Jan. 2013, collecting neutron diffraction data. see pictures

Farewell dinner for Xiaowei at Kool Beanz, Nov. 2013: Josiah, Xiaowei, Sixuan, Danielle, Trevor, Daniel, Ryan.

Xiaowei and Trevor at NASSCC 2013, along with Corey Thompson and Kirill Kovnir.

Parisa and Gina at graduation, Fall 2009