The Nienhaus Lab @ FSU

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Welcome to the Nienhaus Lab!

We are a new(ish) lab at FSU interested in the nanoscale optoelectronic properties of semiconductors, photon upconversion, materials development and glowy things. We focus on materials synthesis, optical spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopies.

Lea Nienhaus

Lea obtained her PhD from UIUC in 2015. Following her postdoc at MIT, she transitioned to FSU in 2018. Her interests are geared towards pushing the boundaries of optical spectroscopy. Outside of lab, you can find her playing with her cats, biking, swimming or cooking. Additionaly, she enjoys shining UV lights on household objects.

Colette Sullivan

Colette graduated from the University of South Carolina Aiken in 2021. Her research interests include exploring photon up-conversion in perovskites using a variety of optical techniques. Outside of lab, Colette enjoys exploring Tallahassee nurseries for more plants and petting dogs.

Andrew Cantrell

Andrew graduated from Tusculum University in 2022 with a B.S. in Chemistry and in 2023 with an MBA. His research interests include exploring new solid state annihilators for photon upconversion with perovskite sensitizers using a variety of optical techniques. Outside of the lab, Andrew enjoys running, watching football and being in nature.

I lost all respect for Ångstroms.

-Heinrich Rohrer