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Innovative concepts are the driving force behind our research. We use polyelectrolytes to make new materials and to stimulate new responses at the biological interface. Our methods focus on practical ways to coax extraordinary behavior from familiar materials.

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Imagine melting polymers with salt instead of heat! Polyelectrolyte complexes were thought to be unprocessable for decades. But we recently found that when you add enough salt you break the ion pairs between polyelectrolytes and you can process them.

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Polyelectrolyte Multilayers

These are ultrathin films made from water-soluble polymers: negative and positive polyelectrolytes. If you dip a subtrate in these nontoxic polymers alternately, a uniform film builds up.. a few nanometers at a time. The result offers numerous applications.

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All cell culture is performed in our state of the art BSL-2 level biosafety room. The superb imaging facilities and staining expertise enable us to capture detailed pictures of the extraordinary machinery within a cell as it responds to our multilayers. For our bio-work we enjoy a long-standing collaboration with cell biologist Prof. Tom Keller in the Department of Biological Sciences. Learn more about Prof. Tom Keller.

Yara wins the Fall 2016 ACS POLY video award. Watch Yara's video.

Dr. Schlenoff was named 2016-2017 Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor

Jingcheng's paper is one of five papers featured in JACS Spotlights

07/17/2018: Hadi Fares successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Hadi!

04/10/2018: Jose David Delgado successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations David!

06/14/2017: Yara Ghoussoub successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations Yara!

03/27/2017: Jingcheng Fu successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Jingcheng!

06/01/2016: Carlos starts his position as Packaging Engineer with Intel in Portland, OR

05/10/2016: Kris Kelly successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Kris!

03/30/2016: Carlos Arias successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Carlos!

03/15/2016: Hadi is featured in an ACS Reactions video titled "Why Does Food Make Your Mouth Water?"

11/14/2015: Dr. Schlenoff won the Garnet & Gold Key's Ross Oglesby Award “for his reflection of the highest ideals of leadership, scholarship and service towards students and an unparalleled commitment to the Florida State University.”

10/26/2015: Jessica Martinez successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congrats Jessica!

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