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Jeremy Hrudka
3rd year graduate student

Lab: 2103 CSL


Phone: (850) 645-8601


Department of Chemistry

Florida State University

95 Chieftan Way

Tallahassee, FL 32306



B.S. (2012) University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul, MN
Ph.D. student (2012-current) Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Research Project

Multifunctional Spin-Crossover materials are the center of my graduate research thesis. Changing direction from strictly organic synthesis in my undergraduate research to an Inorganic/Materials group in graduate school has proved to be very rewarding. Using my organic background I am able to bring some expertise into the synthesis of various novel ligands used for complexation to iron in order to elucidate ligand field and packing effect studies in spin-crossover systems. Other skills that I have already learned include more extensive Schlenk techniques as well as single crystal growth and subsequent crystallography characterization. One project is now moving towards interweaving conductivity and spin crossover in the same system. Derivatives of common organic conductors are being developed and used for co-crystallization with both known and unique spin crossover entities in order to further develop and understand the characteristics and properties of multifunctional molecular materials.



1. Longstreet, A.; Jo, M.; Chandler, R.; Hanson, K.; Zhan, N.; Hrudka, J.; Mattoussi, H.; Shatruk, M.; McQuade, D. T. Ylidenemalononitrile enamines as fluorescent “turn-on” indicators for primary amines. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 15493-15496.



1. FIMS (Florida Inorganic and Materials Seminar) (Fall 2013, Gainesville, FL) – Graduate poster prize won for poster entitled “N-Alkylated Bisimidazole as a Ligand Platform for Novel Tris-Homoleptic Spin Crossover Complexes”

2. FAME (ACS Regional meeting) (Spring 2014, Tampa, FL) – Presented a graduate research poster titled, “N-Alkylated Bisimidazole as a Ligand Platform for Novel Tris-Homoleptic Spin Crossover Complexes”

3. ACS National Meeting (Spring 2011, Anaheim, CA) – Presented a poster in the undergraduate research poster session titled, “Synthesis of a novel thianthrene containing antibiotic”

4. Saint Thomas Inquiry (Summer 2011) – Presented a poster to University administrators who are responsible for funding of these projects. Poster titled, “Using Suzuki-Miyaura coupling to attach hydrocarbon chains to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons”

5. Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium (Spring 2010) – Presented a poster titled, “Synthesis of a novel thianthrene containing antibiotic”

6. University of Minnesota’s MRSEC meeting (Summer 2010) – Presented a poster titled, “Synthesis of a novel thianthrene containing antibiotic”


Undergraduate Research Experience


During my undergraduate studies I was actively involved in research for three years. Although organic synthesis was the main theme to my research, many different synthetic techniques were learned over several unrelated projects. These unrelated projects were exclusively funded by ExxonMobil (Dr. J.T. Ippoliti) and provided for a unique, industrial paced undergraduate research experience.
I was personally responsible for the synthesis and characterization of fifteen novel organic compounds; many of which were synthesized in large quantities (10g – 75g). In addition to the basic organic purification techniques learned in a typical laboratory course I had extensive experience with Schlenck techniques for use in highly air and oxygen sensitive Suzuki couplings. This included the preparation of air and water free solvents via the freeze-pump-thaw method. Other techniques that were utilized in the synthesis of the aforementioned fifteen compounds include NMR characterization (including 2-D experiments, and Phosphorus NMR), microwave synthesis, LC-MS characterization and upkeep, special glassware techniques for silane chemistry, flow hydrogenation, and extensive column chromatography (automated flash and regular chromatography).

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant: 3 semesters of Organic I Recitation

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

· Professor: Dr. E. Hilinski

Lecturing (60-90 students) in a weekly recitation section, grading of exams and quizzes, substitution for professor at large lecture when applicable.


Teaching Assistant: 4 semesters of Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

· Professor: Dr. S. Profeta

Bi-weekly laboratory meetings include lecturing on material for pre-lab, supervision of 16 students during lab period, and grading exams, quizzes, reports.


Teaching Assistant: 3 semesters of General Chemistry I & II

University of Saint Thomas, Saint Paul, MN

· Professors: Dr. Obubuafo (Fall 2010, Spring 2011), Dr. Chojnacki (Fall 2011)

Responsibilities as an undergraduate teaching assistant include grading of weekly lab reports, available for questions during all lab sections, understanding of lab material, and an understanding of lecture material for weekly recitations.

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