We offer a curated collection of over 7000 salt deposit images showcasing the unique crystallization of 42 different salt types from saturated solutions on glass slides. Explore the intricate patterns and download the photos for non-commercial use. Learn more at TBD.


Our software automatically processed all images. It cropped the images displayed above to highlight the deposit area, applying different magnification levels, and linearly enhanced their contrast with some clipping of the brightest and darkest pixels without changing the color balance. These images were saved using lossy compression as jpg images at a MATLAB quality setting of 40. The software cropped the archived images below more conservatively and maintained a constant magnification (1 pixel = 5.2 µm). It did not alter the image contrast or the color balance for these images. The software saved them as jpg images using MATLAB's default quality setting of 75, and they are approximately 1.5 MB per image. Select a salt group to download its collection of images as a ZIP file (each about 1-3 GB):