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TA-Student relations can be discussed from two totally different subject matters: Relations and Relationships.

Relations:  Students are the customers of the University.  As an employee of the University you are required to:

  1. Teach the student.
  2. Be polite, courteous and considerate when communicating both verbally and in writing with the student.
  3. Enforce the rules regarding student behavior set forth by both the University and the department.

Unlike customers in other retail situations, students are not always right.  But there are good ways and bad ways to let a student know when he or she is “in the wrong”.

Some of the bad ways that are both not professional and not tolerated in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department are:

  1. Cursing at the student.
  2. Belittling the student.
  3. Calling a student a name other than his/her own.
  4. Discussing a student’s behavior with other students.
  5. Threatening the student either physically or academically.

If a student becomes a problem, this should be immediately brought to the attention of the instructor of the course.  The same things that are unacceptable with respect to TA-student relations are also unacceptable in the reverse.  You do not have to tolerate any of the above “bad ways” of communicating and if you are faced with any of the above, bring it to the attention of your course instructor immediately.

RelationshipsNever date your students!  If you are in a relationship with an undergraduate chemistry student, please make sure that student is never directly under your supervision.  If this happens, notify your instructor or the personnel making the teaching assignments so that this problem may be avoided.

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