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Each TA is paid to be present for the entirety of each academic semester as well as the break periods in between semesters.  Being aware of the times during the semester when you will need to be available, not only for teaching, but also for organizational meetings and training sessions is a responsibility of all teaching assistants. 

As a general rule, you are required to be available for the two working days prior to each semester’s start date for organizational meetings and training sessions.  You are also required to be available at the end of a semester through the due date for grades.  These dates will vary from semester to semester but it is your responsibility to be aware of them and comply with the availability rules.

Vacations - should be scheduled for the weeks/days that fall in between the availability times stated above and should be coordinated with your major professor. 

Conferences - that often occur during the course of a semester are recognized as legitimate excused absences from work, BUT it is your responsibility to 1) notify your course instructor as soon as possible about the missed work days, and 2) FIND A PERSON TO COVER YOUR POSITION WHILE YOU ARE GONE.

Vacations and trips home are not to be scheduled during the working semester.

Sick leave- If you are sick on the day you are supposed to teach, it is your responsibility to contact the course instructor as soon as possible to allow them time to cover you for that day.  If you are unable to contact your professor directly, contact (850) 644-3810 and leave a message. Also try to contact other TAs that are also teaching the course.  Do not assume someone will notice you are missing.

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