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Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Magnetic materials are of paramount importance to technological progress, and therefore to the training of future generations of scientists. Magnetism represents a broad research area that brings together scientists from various disciplines, allowing students a breadth of knowledge spanning the range from initial material design to magnetic applications. The concepts of magnetism span the physical and engineering sciences, yet the views and approaches to understanding magnetic phenomena, let alone teaching the ideas, vary dramatically across disciplines, leaving an intellectual gap for students. Such obstacles do little to facilitate innovative research or cross-discipline communication. Breakthroughs in magnetic materials and their applications will only occur through communication across the fields to ensure depth and breadth of knowledge.

The global goal of our Center is to tear down the barriers imposed by discipline-specific language and traditional educational approaches. Faculty, students, and postdocs involved in CMMM come from different disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Engineering) to perform innovative research in truly integrative, interdisciplinary setting. We are dedicated to training future generations of scientists in the field of magnetism and magnetic materials.


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Last updated 7/9/2011