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Ask a Scientist

We have established an outreach activity called ‘Ask A Scientist’ which is held at Tallahassee's once-a-month, community-wide First Friday event. First Friday is an eclectic mix of artist, musicians, hobbyists, chefs, and—for the last year—scientists who set up tents and exhibits in Railroad Square park on the first Friday of every month. Every First Friday we gather 4-5 scientists–predominantly FSU faculty—from across disciplines like chemistry, physics, engineering, psychology, medicine and biology and stand by a tent with a sign proclaiming Ask a Scientist. What follows is ~3 hours each month spent drinking and talking science with people passing by. Above is a time-lapse of our August 2014 AaS event. The evening featured the following scientists: David Meckes (virology and biomedical sciences), Brian Miller (biochemistry), Tom Albrecht-Schmitt (nuclear chemistry), and myself (Ken Hanson, energy/material chemistry). We try to rotate a new batch of scientists every month.

Build Your Own DSSC
DSSC Photo

The Hanson research group has been and will continue to partner with MoLab, Inc. to perform ‘build your own dye-sensitized solar cell’ activity as part of their ongoing educational program. During these events Hanson Research Group members guide middle to high school age students as they construct, from raspberry juice, and test their own dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). A photo collage of our involvement in the "Earth Savers Program" held at the Oliver Hill Sr. Community Center is shown above.

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