Nonlinear Dynamics in STEM Workshop

Sample Poster and Instructions

(i) Please email your poster to Pamela Knoll; (ii) the last day we request that your poster is submitted is January 3, 2021; (iii) traditional still and interactive GIF posters are welcome; (iv) maximum file size is 5 MB; (v) only JPG, PNG, GIF file formats.

Sample Poster (Author: Pamela Knoll)

Presenter: Max Cui-Stein

Poster (Author: Max Cui-Stein)

Presenter: Denvert D'Silva

Poster (Author: Denvert D'Silva)

Presenter: Brigitta Dúzs

Poster (Author: Brigitta Duzs)

Presenter: Brecklyn Groce

Poster (Author: Brecklyn Groce)

Presenter: Syed Jamaluddin (Jaz)

Poster (Author: Syed Jamaluddin)

Presenter: Pawan Kumar

Poster (Author: Pawan Kumar)

Presenter: Maria Eleni Moustaka

Poster (Author: Maria Eleni Moustaka)

Presenter: František Muzika

Poster (Author: Frantisek Muzika)

Presenter: Fahima Shaon

Poster (Author: Fahima Shaon)

Presenter: James Sheehy

Poster (Author: James Sheehy)

Presenter: Keren Sneh

Poster (Author: Keren Sneh)

Presenter: Dimitra Spanoudaki

Poster (Author: Dimitra Spanoudaki)

Presenter: John Tetteh

Poster (Author: John Tetteh)

Presenter: Mikael Toye

Poster (Author: Mikael Toye)

Presenter: Qingpu Wang

Poster (Author: Qingpu Wang)

Presenter: Yao Xiong

Poster (Author: Yao Xiong)