The Group

Senior Researchers

Dr. Bruno C. Batista

bbatista .AT.

Dr. Amrutha S V

as24cf .AT.

Graduate Students

Amari Morris

am22di .AT.

Lara Haroun

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Maggie Cooper

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Misa Amane

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Undergraduate Students

Elee Siev

Semhare Tekle

Rene Walsh

Previous Group Members

Jéssica Alves Nogueira Postdoc
Pawan Kumar Postdoc Postdoc at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
Denvert D'silva Graduate student (M.S.)
Franco Zanotto Postdoc Postdoc at LRCS-UPJV, Amiens, France
Pamela Knoll Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2021) HFSP Fellow, University of Edinburgh, UK; before Postdoc at ULB, Belgium
Qingpu Wang Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2020) and Postdoc Postdoc at University of Washington and PNNL
Ningjie Wu Visiting Professor (2019/20) Associate Professor at Nanjing Normal University, China
Arthur Omran Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2019) Lecturer at University of North Florida
Zachary McQueen Undergraduate Student PhD Student, University of Georgia
Keeley Hernesman Undergraduate Student Quality Engineer at Lockheed Martin, before System Safety Engineer at United Launch Alliance
Alexander Gonzalez Undergraduate Student Graduate Student, Cornell University
Megan Bentley Undergraduate Student PhD Student, University of Florida
Zhihui Zhang Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2016) Data Scientist, MD Anderson Cancer Center, before Postdoc at Baylor College
Elias Nakouzi Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2016) Materials Scientist at PNNL; before Pauling Fellow at PNNL
Kenzie Hendrix Undergraduate Student Medical Student at William Carey University
Bruno Batista Postdoc Senior Research Scientist at Florida State University
Hua Ke Postdoc
Patrick Cruz Undergraduate Student
Ryan Rendina Undergraduate Student Supply Chain Operations Associate Leader at Pepsi Beverages, Houston, TX
Rabih Makki Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2012) and Postdoc Technical Team Manager at Axalta; before Senior R&D Scientist at Wacker Chemical Corporation and Postdoc at Harvard
Zulma Jimenez Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2012) Assistant Professor at Salisbury University, MD; before JSPS Fellow at Tokyo University and Postdoc at Brandeis University
Sumana Dutta Postdoc Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
Mohammed Al-humiari Undergraduate Student Pediatric Pulmonologist (M.D.) with the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine
Tamas Bansagi Jr. Postdoc Lecturer at University of Bath, UK; before Marie Curie Fellow at University of Leeds
Tedric Campbell Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2007) Senior Scientist at Excellatron Solid State, Atlanta, GA
Niklas Manz Postdoc Associate Professor at College of Wooster; before Clinical Assistant Professor and Research Scientist at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
Brad Marts (now Martsberger) Postdoc Software Engineer at Lumere
Kevin Meyer Undergraduate Student Associate TS&D Director at North America Polyurethanes; before Senior R&D Leader at Industrial Intermediates Scale-Up Research at Dow
Brent T. Ginn Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2005) Director of Pet Research&Development at Post Holdings; before Senior Scientist at Procter&Gamble, Senior Manager at the J.M. Smucker Co.
Stephanie Thouvenel-Romans Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2003) and Postdoc
Sharad Kumar Somanchi
Graduate Student (M.S.)
Konstantin Agladze Visiting Professor Professor at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Chad Hamik Graduate Student (M.S.)
Jason Pagano Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2008) Professor of Chemistry, Saginaw Valley State University, MI
Murat Kahveci Graduate Student (M.S. 2003) Instructor at Loyola University Chicago
Bettina Steinbock Postdoc Environmental Administrator at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Randy P. Washington
Technology Principal (Manager) at SC Johnson

Group Photos

Christmas group photo. December 2019
Christmas group photo. December 2019
Group photo. Fall 2016
Group photo. Summer 2014
Group photo. 2011
Group photo. 2008
Group photo. 2005

Miscellaneous Photos

Taking our guest, Dr. Yang Ding, out for lunch. Fall 2017
Going out for Thai food. Fall 2016
Steinbock group reunion at a Gordon Research conference: (left to right) Tamas, Niklas, Zhihui, Sumana, Zulma, Jan, and Jason
Going out for Indian food. Spring 2016
Gradstudent Elias suiting up for the lab.
Celebrating two birthdays for Oliver and Bruno. Summer 2015
Enjoying pizza with the lab. Fall 2014
Whitney performs experiments on NASA's vomit comet. 2000