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256th ACS National Conference, Boston
-August 2018-

David Hardy and Jasleen Bindra gave oral presentations on their work while Matthew Ellis and Eddie Nguyen gave poster presentations.

FIMS 2018 1st prize graduate poster session
- September 2018 -

Matthew Ellis was awarded 1st prize at the 2018 FIMS graduate poster session in Gainesville, FL.

6 Strouse Students Graduate
- 2017-2018 -

It has been a busy year in the Strouse group! In Fall 2017 we saw the completion of David Carnevale and Bridgett Ashley, both now Dr. to you! Summer 2018 we saw Christopher Dyer graduate with his M.S. in Chemistry while Parth Vakil and Kate Carnevale earned their Ph.D. And last, but not least, Jasleen Bindra earned her Ph.D. on 13 November 2018!

252nd National ACS Meeting
-August 2016-

David Hardy, Dave Carnevale, Parth and Dr. Strouse presented their work and helped recruit for the FSU Chemistry Graduate Program at the 252nd National ACS Meeting and Exposition in Philladelphia, PA.

GEM-Oakridge Internship
- Summer 2016 -

As part of her "GEM Fellowship" award, Kerestin was able to spend the summer doing collaboartive research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory this Summer!

Dr. Ryan Riskowski
- June 28th, 2016 -

Congratulation to Ryan, who successfully defended his dissertation on the "Theory and Applications of Surface Energy Transfer for 2-20 nm Diameter Metal Nanoparticles." The student has become like the teacher.

FAME in Tampa, FL
-May 7th, 2016-

David Hardy gave an oral presention on his work on the "Synthesis of Tm3+ -Doped Nanospinel for Blue Down-Shifting LED Phosphors" at the Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition near beautiful Tampa, FL!

Strouse Group Fellowship Recipients
- April 2016 -

Kate was awarded the "Joseph M. Scor Fellowship in Biochemistry", and Kerestin was awarded the "GEM Fellowship" AND the "Leslie N. Wilson - Delores Auzenne Fellowship for Minorities" this Spring! Congratualtions to Kerestin and Kate!

Invited Speaker:
Jorge Cham
- March 16th, 2016 -

Kate worked with the Graduate Women in Science and the Students for the Effective Communictaion of Scicene to bring Author and Comic, Dr. Jorge Cham, to FSU to give a talk on "The Power of Procrastination" as well as to screen his new movie "Piled Higher and Deep 2: Still in Grad School"

Chemistry Christmas Party
-Dec. 10th, 2015-

Strouse group attended the anual FSU Chemistry Department Christmas Party!

- Nov. 4-7th, 2015 -

Dave, Kate, Dr. Strouse and Megan presented their work at the South East & South West Joint Regional ACS Conference in Memphis, TN.

National ACS Meeting
- August 16-20th, 2015 -

The Strouse group was invited to give talks at the 250th National ACS conference in Boston. Click here to listen to talks by Kate, Ryan, and Dr. Strouse on the ACS website.

New Graduate Students
- November 2015-

Welcome to David H. and Kerestin G. who joined the Strouse Lab this Fall!

Dr. Megan Foley
- Oct. 28th, 2015 -

Congratulations to Megan for the successful defense of her Ph.D. Dissertation!

Dr. Rachel Armstrong
- Oct. 27th, 2015-

Congratulations to Rachel for the successful defense of her Ph.D. Dissertation!

-Oct. 10th, 2015-

Dave presented his work at the Florida Inorganic Materials Symposium(FIMS) hosted by UF.

NanoFlorida at FSU
- May 12-15th, 2015 -

Ryan was selected to be an organizer of the NanoFlorida conference held at FSU! He also presented his work, as did Dave, Parth, Megan and Dr. Strouse was an invited speaker.

FSU Life Sciences Symposium
- Feb. 19th, 2015 -

Kate presented her work at the Florida State College of Medicine Life Sciences Symposium.

Art in STEM Event
-Feb. 12th, 2015-

Kate presented her Fluorescence Microscopy Image of Human Glioma Cells Transfected with peptide functionalized QDs at the First Annual ART in STEM Exhibit held at the FSU Dirac Science Library, set up by Kate and the other members of the Graduate Women in Science Organization at FSU.

3MT at FSU
- Nov. 18th, 2014 -

Ryan and Rachel were both finalists
in the "3 Minute Thesis" Competition
at FSU in the Fall of 2014. Watch Rachel's talk on "Early disease detection by designing better sensors." Watch Ryan's talk on "Wireless Nanoscale Instruments."

Top Poster
- National ACS Meeting 2012 -

Rachel won the ACS Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry Top poster award at the 244th National ACS Conference, Philadelphia, PA in August 2012 for her work on "Measuring biophysical constants with an NSET torque wrench."

Art in STEM Event
-Feb. 12th, 2015-

Parth presented his image of Nickel and Gold Nanoparticle solutions at the First Annual "ART in STEM Exhibit" held at the FSU Dirac Science Library organized by GWIS of FSU.

MMM School at FSU
- Summer 2012 and 2014 -

Dave and Dr. Strouse helped run the "Magnetic Materials and Magnetism" summer school hosted by FSU Chemistry and Biochemisty to teach junior and senior undergraduate students more about fields they may pursue in higher learning.

TED Talks at FSU
- Spring 2013 -

Parth worked with the College of Graduate Students to help organize a series of TED Talks at FSU.

Art in STEM Event
-Feb. 12th, 2015-

Ryan presented his Confocal Microscopy Image of QDs in slug ganglia, at the First Annual "ART in STEM Exhibit" held at the FSU Dirac Science Library, organized by GWIS of FSU.

Life Sciences Symposium
- FSU Spring 2013

Kate and Parth Presented thier work on "Nanoparticle Assisted Genetic Engineering for Protein Expression in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells" at the Life Sciences Symposium hosted by the FSU College of Medicine.

Group Lunch
- Fall 2013 -

Work hard, play hard!
The Strouse Group loves eating, laughing and having a good times!!

Natural Sciences Graduate Symposium
- Oct. 10th, 2014 -

Kate presented her work on "Nano-biosensor: Probing Intracellular Response to Nanoparticle Delivery" at the 2014 Natural Sciences Graduate Research Symposium held at the Oglesby Union at FSU.

"Internation-Nole" Leadership Workshop
- Spring 2013 -

Parth presented on time-management and other tips for college students at the Florida International Leadership Conference 2013 and at InternationNole's Leadership Workshop 2013. He was also interviewed by Character Clearinghouse for his leadership as a graduate student here at FSU.

Top Poster at FAME
- April 2011 -

Rachel won the Top Poster Award at The Florida Annual Meeting & Exposition (FAME) in Palm Harbor, FL with her work on "A Single-Construct Aptamer-NP Conjugate for the Sensitive Optical Detection of ATP" in April of 2011.

FSU Global Citizen Award
- Spring 2014 -

Parth was awarded the 2014 Global Citizen Award for his efforts in making FSU's campus a "global village."

ACS Meeting Poster
- August 2012 -

Dave presented a poster on his work with "Synthesis of Nanoscale Permanent Magnets" at the National ACS Meeting in Philadelphia, PA in August of 2012.

Octo-pi-rates Robotics Club Mentor

Ryan spends his free time helping out with the "Octo-Pi-Rates" Robotics club at Full Sail, a local high school.

Gordon Conference Poster
- June 2014 -

Ryan presented a poster on his work with "Theoretical Model of Nanoparticle Size-Dependence on Nanometal Surface Energy Transfer (NSET)" during the national Gordon Conference at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, in June of 2014.

SWRM Presentation
- October 2012 -

Dave presented his work on "Synthesis of Nanoscale Magnets" at the ACS South West Regional Meeting (SWRM) in Battonrouge, LA in October of 2012.

Global Ambassador Program

As an international student who has lived in India, Kenya and Canada, Parth is a Global Ambassador for FSU's Center of Global Engagement through GAP (Global Ambassador Program) where he talks about life abroad to elementary schoolers as well as FSU students.