Welcome to the Bleiholder Lab!

Welcome to the Bleiholder Research Group at Florida State University. The Bleiholder lab at Florida State studies a spectrum of molecular self-assembly phenomena relevant to energy and human health. We are enamored of the beauty and simplicity of these processes, of their universal presence in Nature, and of the fact that self-assembly phenomena transcend the traditional borders of chemistry, physics, and biology. Particularly relevant examples of self-assembling systems include amyloid plaques that are often associated with amyloid diseases, such as Alzheimer's or Perkinson's Disease. The central theme in our research is applying ion mobility spectrometry / mass spectrometry to determine structural and dynamical aspects of self-assembling systems. Our strength is a unique expertise in integrating ion mobility / mass spectrometry, computational chemistry (especially the PSA algorithms), and information theory to answer scientific questions. Members of the Bleiholder Lab are well-trained in approaching scientific problems within an interdisciplinary and collaborative setting.