Lazenby Laboratory

Welcome to the website of the Lazenby Lab, established in August 2019 at the department of chemistry and biochemistry at the Florida State University (FSU). We are an electroanalytical chemistry lab at FSU, with research foci in:

  • Electrochemical biosensing, including simultaneous multi-analyte detection using aptasenors.
  • Electrocatalysis of industrially relevant reactions, such as the investigation of low cost transition metal carbides as electrocatalytic materials for the oxygen evolution reaction.
  • Electrochemical imaging using scanned probe microscopy, including analytical method development for single cell analysis.

We are a collaborative and interdisciplinary research group, and currently have a team of PhD students (Amanda, Debashis, Yusuf, Ana and Justin) and undergraduate students (Renee, Matt, Michael, Mia and Olivia). We are seeking highly motivated graduate students to join us in our research efforts in Fall 2024. To enquire about these positions, or undergraduate research positions, please contact Dr. Lazenby via email about joining the lab.

Recent News

February 202– New paper on electrodeposited gold surfaces for electrochemical aptamer based sensing. Amanda’s paper on electrodeposited gold surfaces for electrochemical aptamer based sensors is accepted for publication in ACS Applied Bio Materials. Congratulations also to our undergraduate coauthors, Olivia and Danté:

February 202– Ana and Rob present at the GNC. Congratulations to Ana, who won third place poster prize at the Global Nanobiotechnology Consortium Conference 2024 at the University of South Florida (

December 2023 – New SICM imaging paper. Yusuf’s paper on using SICM to study apoptosis is accepted for publication in Analytical Methods:

November 2023 – Yusuf passes his Candidacy Exam. The group congratulates Yusuf for advancing to candidacy.

November 2023 – New group member. We welcome Justin Oh to the lab, who will begin research on new electrocatalysts for water splitting.

November 2023 – New paper on bimetallic FeCo carbides as electrocatalysts for the OER. Amanda’s research paper on the electrocatalytic activity and surface oxide reconstruction of bimetallic iron-cobalt nanocarbide electrocatalysts is accepted for publication in RSC Advances:

October 2023 – Ana passes 2nd year talk. Congratulations to Ana for reaching this PhD milestone.

September 2023 New concept review. Debashis’ concept review paper on fabricating and using electrochemical biosensor arrays for multiple analyte detection is accepted for publication in Analysis & Sensing:

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Office Room: CSL 3006

Lab Room: CSL 3401


Phone: (+1) 850-645-1769