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New reactions for organic synthesis, biochemistry and materials science

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Our group is interested in discovery of new ways to control molecular structure and reactivity. Chemistry is the most creative science – it allows one to design and synthesize molecules that would never exist if they have not been born by the imagination of an organic chemist.

Design and discovery of new organic reactions is intrinsically multidisciplinary and provides students in the group with training for their future careers in organic, physical, analytical and biochemistry both in industry and in academia.

The art of making organic molecules plays an important role in our projects and a solid knowledge of organic synthesis is a critical foundation for every project in our group. However, equally important is the ability to test the feasibility of ideas with quantum-mechanical computations. Very often an experimental project is born from an intriguing computational prediction. On the other hand, experiments can test the limitations of theory.

List of projects – feel free to explore if you would like to know more

New reactions of alkynes

New rules for alkyne cyclizations

Radical cascades converting oligoalkynes to carbon-rich polycyclic structures

Stereoelectronically assisted biorthogonal chemistry

Dynamic covalent chemistry: a new tool in the design of chemoselective radical reactions

Alkenes as alkyne equivalents

Light-activated reagents for efficient double strand DNA cleavage

Stereoelectronic effects in organic structure and reactivity

Stereoelectronic control of cyclization reactions

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Our work is supported by the National Science Foundation.

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