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Ashley Longstreet (Ph.D. 2015, Academia)
Dr. Ashley Longstreet was a graduate student at FSU from 2010-2015 and worked under the supervision of Prof. D. Tyler McQuade. Her research focused on developing a streamlined synthesis for nevirapine, an antiviral for HIV, and ylidenemalononitrile enamine fluorescent sensors. After being a NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT with Prof. Timothy F. Jamison, she began her independent career in 2017 in the Department of Chemistry at The University of Tampa. Her current research focuses of using carbazole derivatives as inexpensive and metal-free redox catalysts for organic transformations.


Joseph Bowler Joseph Bowler (Ph.D. 2014, Patent Law)
Dr. Joseph Bowler was a graduate student at FSU from 2009-2014 with Prof. Brian Miller, where he investigated the mechanism of small-molecule activation of an enzyme implicated in the pathogenesis of diabetes. He also developed an in vivo screening method that integrated a plasmid-based library with a genetic selection system to identify novel therapeutic compounds. Joseph’s doctoral work resulted in several publications in research journals, including Nature Chemistry and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Bowler now serves as a patent agent for Wolf-Greenfield Law Firm in Boston, MA where he assists in patent prosecution in the biotechnology space, primarily in the areas of next-generation sequencing, antisense therapy, and recombination protein technologies.



Corey Thompson (Ph.D. 2012, Academia)
Dr. Corey Thompson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University, earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from FSU. He carried out his research under supervision of Prof. Michael Shatruk from 2007-2012, during which time he produced 13 research papers, won Ford Dissertation Fellowship and multiple research awards from Oak Ridge National Lab and FSU. After a 3-year postdoctoral stint at McMaster University, Dr. Thompson joined the Chemistry Department at Purdue in 2015. His current research interests focus on energy-related problems in solid-state chemistry via investigation of novel magnetocaloric, multiferroic, and thermoelectric materials. More information about Dr. Thompson’s research can be found on his website.


Kirill Kovnir (Postdoc 2011, Academia)kirill-kovnir
Dr. Kirill Kovnir carried out a postdoctoral stint in the group of Prof. Michael Shatruk in 2008-11. Having produced and co-authored 20 research publications in the Shatruk group, Dr. Kovnir successfully landed a tenure-track faculty position at UC Davis in 2011. His work as a Professor at UC Davis was very successful, having published many high-impact papers on thermoelectric and magnetic materials. In 2017 he moved to Iowa State where his group is focused on synthesis of novel thermoelectric, superconducting, magnetic, catalytic, and low-dimensional materials. His research is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Petroleum Research Fund, and the National Science Foundation. You can read more about Dr. Kovnir’s work on his groups website.


larionMioara Larion (Ph.D. 2009, National Lab)
Dr. Mioara Larion was a graduate student at FSU from 2005-2009 where she worked under the supervision of Prof. Brian Miller. Her thesis research focused on investigating the divergent evolution of substrate specificity in bacterial kinases and the origin of kinetic cooperativity in human glucokinase.  After obtaining her PhD, Dr. Larion was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association to work with Prof. Rafael Bruschweiler at Ohio State University.  Dr. Larion is presently a principal investigator in the Center for Cancer Research at the National Institutes of Health, where she leads a research group investigating the metabolomics of brain tumors. 


Jacob MooreJacob Moore (Ph.D. 2008, Patent Law)
Dr. Jake Moore is an intellectual property lawyer with Womble Bond Dickinson LLP in Durham, North Carolina. He earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Tim Cross’s lab at Florida State University in 2008, and a law degree from the University of Florida in 2012. He assists clients—which include large pharmaceutical companies, government contractors, and university professors—with securing and protecting their intellectual property (IP) rights on a global scale. This includes procuring enforceable patents from the United States Patent & Trademark Office and coordinating strategies for obtaining patent rights in many jurisdictions around the world. He also helps clients monetize their IP through licensing and IP transfer agreements, and he counsel clients on how to effectively and efficiently place their products in the public market.


Jason PaganoJason Pagano (Ph.D. 2008, Academia)
Dr. Jason Pagano pursued his graduate studies in the group of Prof. Oliver Steinbock and received his PhD in 2008. The same year he joined the faculty of Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan where he now holds the tenured position of an Associate Professor of Chemistry. He has continued to publish in prestigious journals such as Chemical Review (impact factor >37) and is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences. Dr. Pagano research focuses on chemical self-organization far from the thermodynamic equilibrium and applications to materials science.