Graduate Program Overview

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The graduate program is divided into six areas, Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Materials, Organic, and Physical. Before applying, students should examine the research specializations of the faculty in their area of interest to identify labs in which they would like to study. We encourage direct contact between potential applicants and individual faculty to explore mutual interests in research training opportunities.

A Ph.D. is typically awarded within 5.3 years and requires core coursework (18h), original research, research publication, and defense of the research in front of a faculty committee. During their Ph.D., students will conduct research in state-of-the-art research facilities. Recent graduates of the program have been very successful in obtaining academic, research, industrial, and professional positions nationally and internationally.

  • The Department offers Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry & Biochemistry.
  • MS applicants are not considered unless a standing agreement exists
    (i.e Armed forces personnel, State of Florida employees, continuing FSU students).
  • Students are selected from a competitive applicant pool and supported for the duration of their studies with stipends and tuition waivers.
  • 35 faculty and more than150 graduate students in the program.
  • National award winning faculty.