Graduate Student Awards

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National/International Awards

ACS Chemistry Champions Contest
2015 Hadi Fares (1st place)

ACS Division of Computational Chemistry, CCG Excellence Award
2012 Brian Gold

ACS Division of Computational Chemistry, CCG Excellence Award
2012 Brian Gold

ACS Petroleum Chemistry Student Award
2009 Amy McKenna

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Young Investigator Award
2017 Xiaoyan Tan

AHA Predoctoral Fellowship
2006 Richard Page
2009 George Bou-Assaf
2016 Nikita Mukhitov

Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellows
2016 Brian Gold

CAS SciFinder Future Leaders
2018 Gabriel dos Passos Gomes

CONACYT Fellowship
2016 Edgar Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Director’s Fellowship (LANL)
2014 Justin Cross
2019 Sam Greer

DOE Fuel Cycle Research Award
2014 T. Gannon Parker
2015 Samantha Cary

DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research Fellowship
2019 Judith Roth

Edward H. Kraus Grant in Crystallography
2015 Elias Nakouzi

Ford Foundation Graduate Fellowship
2012 Corey Thompson
2016 Tristan Dilbeck (honorable mentioned)

Fulbright Graduate Scholarship
2010 Cristian Escobar

GEM Fellowship
2016 Kerestin Goodman

Harold Agnew National Security Post-Doctoral Fellowship (LANL)
2016 Samantha Cary

IBM Ph.D. Fellowship
2016 Gabriel Gomes

Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship Award
2015 Elias Nakouzi

NIH Predoctoral Fellowship
2005 Jacob Moore

NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Grant
2015 Jeremy Hrudka

NSF Graduate Student Fellowship Program
2014 Sam Greer
2015 Jamie Wang
2016 Josue Liriano (honorable mentioned)
2017 Pamela Knoll
2019 Victoria Posey
2019 Ashely Arcidiacono (honorable mentioned)

NSF Graduate Stem Fellows In K-12 Education
2002 Wendy Walton

ORNL Research Grant
2013 Kevin Ryan

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship
2015 Omotola Ogunsolu
2015 Rana Mohamed (finalist)

Reaxys Ph.D. Prize
2010 Abdulkader Baroudi (finalist)

USP Global Fellowship Program
2007 Steve Allmon

Regional Awards

McKnight Dissertation Fellowship
2020 Kerestin Goodman
2014 Lenzi Williams

McKnight Doctoral Fellowship
2016 Luis Saucedo
2016 Malcolm McCray
2014 Alyssa Rose

NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium Dissertation Fellowship
2020 Pamela Knoll

Ocean Optics Young Investigator Award, SPIE West
2016 Wentao Wang

Poster/Presentation Awards

Conference on Molecular Magnetism in North America
2020 Okten Ungor (1st prize)

International Society of Neurochemistry Poster Award
2012 Nabanita Das

Outstanding Physical Chemistry Grad. Student Poster Award, National ACS Meeting
2011 Anne-Marie Dowgiallo
2013 Naiqian Zhan
2014 Lenzi Williams

PCCP Poster Prize, NanoFlorida Conference
2015 Jeremy Jarrett (1st place)
2015 Thomas Green (2nd place)
2015 Anshika Kapur (3rd place)

Poster Award, ACS Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition
2015 Daniel Nascimento (1st prize)
2015 Sean Hill (2nd prize)
2016 Mary Hertz (2nd prize)
2016 Zack Tener (3rd prize)
2017 Zack Tener (2nd prize)
2017 Okten Ungor (3rd prize)

Poster Award, Florida Inorganic/Material Symposium
2014 Jamie Wang (2nd prize)
2015 Jamie Wang (1st prize)
2015 Sean Hill (3rd prize)

Poster Award, Southeast Ultrafast Conference
2014 Jeremy Jarrett (1st place)
2014 Thomas Green (2nd place)

Travel Awards

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Travel Award
2014 Hoa Phan
2016 Jeremy Hrudka

ASMS Student Travel Award
2008 Huan He
2015 Peilu Liu
2015 Yeqing Tao
2016 Xibei Dang

DOW BEST Symposium
2007 Boone
2013 Brian Gold

Experimental NMR Conference Travel Award
2006 Richard Page
2014 Nabanita Das

Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau
2013 Brian Gold
2013 Paul Dunk
2013 Dan Stribling
2015 Rana Mohamed

Sigma-Aldrich Travel Award
2004 Jun Hu
2012 Nabanita Das
2013 Anna Wright

Southeast Ultrafast Conference
2012 Thomas Green

Southeastern Magnetic Resonance Travel Award
2006 Conggang Li
2015 Anna Wright

Winter School on Biological Solid State NMR
2008 Dylan Murray
2010 Dylan Murray

Florida State University Awards

Congress of Graduate Students Conf. Presentation Grant
2006 Richard Page
2012 Dylan Murray

Dissertation Research Grant
1999 Myriam Cotton
2005 Tarek Zeidan
2010 Michael Bair
2010 Augustine Felix
2010 Lawrence Keniley
2010 Zahraa Khamis
2011 Corey Thompson
2011 Wang-Yong Yang
2013 Jonathan Christian
2013 Hoa Phan
2013 Paul Stewart
2013 Brian Gold
2014 Xiaoyan Tan
2014 Carlos Arias
2015 Anna Wright

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Book Stipend
2016 Gabriel Gomes

FSU-ORNL GO! Research Program
2014 Xiaoyan Tan
2015 Xiaoyan Tan

FSU Energy for Materials Poster Award
2014 Naiqian Zhan

Graduate Research & Creative Activity Award
1997 Forest M. White
2008 Huan He
2011 H.M. Zhang
2014 Brian Gold
2015 Xiaoyan Tan
2018 Gabriel Gomes
2019 Yan Zhou
2020 Jin Zheng

Graduate Student Leadership Award
2010 Layal Rouhana

Joseph M. Schor Fellowship
2006 Richard Page

Kasha Award
2001 Jungfeng Wang
2009 Hui-Min Zhang
2011 Dylan Murray

Legacy Graduate Fellowship
2011 Jeremy Jarrett

Leslie N. Wilson-Delores Auzenne Assistantships
2009 Corey Thompson
2010 Corey Thompson
2011 Corey Thompson
2011 Jennifer Myers
2012 Jennifer Myers
2013 Jennifer Myers
2014 Jennifer Myers
2016 Kerestin Goodman
2018 Kerestin Goodman

Marion Jewell Hay Award
2011 Rebecca Allen

PIE Teaching Associate Assistantship
2002 Husam Jumaa
2016 Kate Carnevale

University Fellowship
1994 Forest M. White
2005 Rachel Younge

FSU Chemistry Awards

Dorothy and Russell Johnsen Dissertation Award
1997 Forest M. White
2004 Hassan Rmaile
2007 Boris Breiner
2009 Huan He
2014 Jacob Hunt
2015 Brian Gold

Katherine B. Hoffman Merit Scholarship
2002 Richard Page
2010 Thomas Green

Outstanding General Chemistry Recitation Teaching Assistant
2012 Lenzi Williams

Outstanding Organic Chemistry Teaching Assistant
2012 Kerry Gilmore