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NMR is one of the most powerful non-destructive spectroscopic analytical techniques, which can be used to determine the structures of chemical compounds. Modern NMR spectroscopy has been widely applied in many disciplines of scientific research, medicine, and various industries. Such as: chemistry, biology, material science, medicine, petroleum industry, and environmental studies, etc. The Florida State University on-campus NMR facility (FSU-NMR) hosts 8 NMR NMR spectrometers with 1H frequencies ranging from 300 to 700 MHz. manufactured by Bruker and Varian/ Agilent.  Except for B500WB equipped with CPMAS, HR-MAS and Ultrafast-MAS probes is dedicated for solid state and gel samples, three Varian spectrometers (I300, M300 and I400) and four Bruker spectrometers (B400, B500, B600 and B700) with auto-samplers are all for solution NMR. Particularly, the B700 MHz spectrometers with cryo-probe offer enhanced sensitivity for large molecules and bio-sample. The mission of FSU-NMR is to educate/train students/users, support our active researchers and build the reputation of FSU

Phone Location Hours Facility Director
(850) 644.3334 CSL & Dittmer Bldg 8:00 – 5:00 M-F Dr. Banghao Chen

FSU-NMR Facility & Capability

NMR Location Probes Descriptions and Dedications
B700 CSL-1009 5mm-TCI Cryo-probe / Z gradient Zg (H-C/N-D)
  • High Sensitivity (S/N) /Bio- Chem/Protein samples
  • VT-NMR / BCU05 (5-65C)
B600 CSL-1009 5mm-BBO with Z-g
  • Workhorse of Solution NMR
  • 1H 13C, 11B, 31P, 29Si,…
B500 DLC-012 High resolution 5mm TXI (H-C/N-D) Zg
  • Dedicated to 1H / 13C / 15N
  • VT / BVT300-BCU05
B400 CSL-5010 5mm BBO (BB-H/D) Zg
  • Walkup / BBO / 19F
WB500 DLC-012 4.0 mm HXY CPMAS probe 1.3mm Ufast CPAS probe 4.0mm HR-MAS probe
  • ss-nmr 1H/19F, nuclei from 15N to 31P
  • VT
  • Gel / bio-solid
I-300 DLC-012 5mm 1H-X (15N-31P)
  • Undergrad education, 1H & 13C, 31P
M300 DLC-703 5mm 1H/13C direction probe
  • Walkup / 1H & 13C
I400 DLC-745  
  • Dedicated for Dr Holtons Group


B700 AVIII (Cryoprobe Bio-NMR) B600 AVIII (Solution & Solid) B400 AVIII (Solution)
B500 AVIII (Solution/VT) M300 (Solution) I300 (Solution)
I400 (Solution) B500WB AVIII HD solid

NMR Facility Rate Schedule

(Updated Feb 2019)

The NMR instrument cost structure is based on the cost allowing proper maintenance of facility; the followings are the adjustments discussed by NMR committee and approved by university:


  1. Internal Users

    Considering that Longtime Experiment can dramatically increase the instrument efficiency discounts are given

    • Discount rates for long time and multiple days are
    • $150/day (except for B700) and $200/day (B700)
    • Caps for internal users’ long time run experiments on all instruments, maximum costs as follows: $800/1 week, $1250/2 weeks, $1750/1 month
  2. External users
    • $60/hr. on B700
    • $50/hr. on B600, B500WB
    • $40/hr. on B500, B400, I400
    • $30/hr. on M300

NMR User Training

Basic routine: Wednesday 2-5 pm, CSL-2010 /1009, online request should be filled in advance. Training of level 4-7, contact Dr. Chen for schedule.


Instrument Time Reservation

Reservation should be done by trained users via Online FACES system before accessing to facility.