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When do I have to pay my students fees?
You have three options:

  • pay the fees up front, due by the end of the first week of classes
  • defer the deadline until the last week of the semester
    • Requires the Payment Plan Form to be submitted
  • Have the fees deducted from your paychecks
    • Requires the Payment Plan Form to be submitted


How does the health insurance subsidy work?

In order to qualify for the health insurance subsidy, you must

  • be registered as a full-time graduate student
  • purchase the student health insurance (but don’t pay for it)
  • respond to the “election of subsidy” email sent from The Graduate School in a timely manner

The subsidy amount will then be reflected on your account.  Any outstanding balance will be deducted evenly from your next paychecks (that will be explained in the email from The Graduate School).

How do I apply for the departmental travel award?

The application is emailed each semester.  Doctoral Students can apply to be awarded up to $800 to use towards travel expenses.  This is a single, one time only award.  Students must have advanced to candidacy to qualify for award and must be presenting at the conference.

What is an In-Flight Master’s Degree?

You can earn your MS while in our doctoral program.  Once you pass your candidacy exam, you qualify and will be awarded your In-Flight MS.

What seminar do I register for?

Every fall and spring semester, all graduate chemistry students will register for Friday seminar, CHM 5935 – 0 hours.  You also register each fall and spring for your area seminar; graded seminar ONLY when you are giving your 2nd or 4th year talk. 

What is the difference between DIS and Dissertation hours?

DIS, Directed Individual Study, is research done in the lab prior to passing your candidacy exam.  Once you pass candidacy, you register for dissertation hours. 

How do I get the hold on my account removed?

If you have a hold on your account, please check your To-Do list on student central, complete the tasks listed.  You can also click on the hold, or details, and there you will see the directions for what you need to do to have the hold released.

Do I have to sign an appointment letter and waiver receipt every semester?

Yes, every semester that you have a tuition waiver and an appointment as an RA, TA, or GA.

Can I ride the city busses using my FSU ID?

Yes, just show the driver the ID.