Dr. Igor Alabugin, Cottrell Family Professor

Professional Preparation/Appointments

​B.S. Moscow State University (1991)
Ph.D. Moscow State University (1995)
Postdoc, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1996-2000)

Contact Information

Email ialabugin@fsu.edu
Office 5008 CSL 850.644.5795
Lab 5803 CSL  

Programs of Research

Organic, Materials

Research Specialties

Synthesis and Catalysis, Computational Chemistry, Environment and Energy, Nanoscience, Photochemistry and Spectroscopy

Research Interest

The Alabugin research group focuses on discovering new connections between structure and reactivity. We combine experiments and computations in order to develop new reactions and to design challenging molecules with unusual properties. Reactions discovered in our lab were used for efficient light-activated cleavage of double-stranded DNA in cancer cells and for preparation of complex polycyclic structures with possible applications in molecular electronics. 

In our current research, we use hidden features of alkyne functionality for making carbon-rich materials,  test the conceptually new “three-electron” way of making C-N bonds via mild C-H activation, develop new approaches to carbo- and heterocycles via aborted pericyclic reactions, expand the limits of electron upconversion, and apply stereoelectronic control to various fields of chemistry. Our research integrates learning and discovery in order to provide students with training for their future careers in industry, government labs, and academia.

Faculty Interview


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