Dr. Kenneth Hanson, Associate Professor

Professional Preparation/Appointments

B.S. St. Cloud State University (2005)
University of Southern California (2010)
Postdoc, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (2010-2013)

Contact Information

Email hanson@chem.fsu.edu
Office 5006 CSL 850.645.0479
Lab 5200 CSL 850.645.0658

Programs of Research

Materials, Physical, Inorganic, Organic

Research Specialties

Environment and Energy, Spectroscopy and Photochemistry, Synthesis and Catalysis

Research Interest

The Hanson research group studies light-matter interactions with an emphasis on the design, synthesis, and characterization of light absorbing and emitting molecules. We use electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques to understand the molecules’ structure-property relationships and how those relationships dictate their performance and application. In particular we are interested in 1) understanding and controlling energy and electron transfer a organic-inorganic interfaces for solar energy conversion, 2) generating dye-sensitized photodetectors, 3) utilizing excited state proton transfer catalysis to facilitate organic transformations, and 4) harnessing triplet excited states to increase work output in photo-mechanical polymers. Given the multifaceted nature of this work, student in our research group are trained in synthesis, photochemical reactions, steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopy, electrochemical techniques, and device characterization. 

Faculty Interview


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Robb, A.J.; Knorr, E.S.; Watson, N.; Hanson, K. Metal Ion Linked Multilayers on Mesoporous Substrates: Energy/Electron Transfer, Photon Upconversion, and More. J. Photochem. Photobiol. A, 2019, 390, 112291.

Ayad, S.; Posey, V.; Das, A.; Montgomery, J.M.; Hanson, K. Enantioenrichment of racemic BINOL by way of excited state proton transfer. Chem. Commun.  2019, 55, 1263-1266.

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