Dr. Michael Roper, Professor

Professional Preparation/Appointments

B.S. University of Texas at Austin (1998)
Ph.D., University of Florida (2003)
Postdoc, University of Virginia (2003-2006)

Contact Information

Email mroper@fsu.edu
Office 4007 CSL 850.644.1846
Lab 4200 CSL  

Programs of Research

Analytical, Biochemistry

research specialties

Bioanalytical, Chemical Biology

Research Interest

The Roper laboratory develops new analytical methods and techniques to investigate biological signaling. Our main biological interest is how the secretion of multiple peptides and small molecules from islets of Langerhans contribute to proper glucose clearance in the body. The reason why we are interested is that defects in this process are associated with metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. We develop separation, mass spectrometric, and optical assays to measure these components with high sensitivity and temporal resolution, and utilize microfluidic devices to achieve highly integrated systems.

Faculty Interview


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Adeoye, D. I.; Wang, Y.; Davis, J. J.; Roper, M.G.. Automated cellular stimulation with integrated pneumatic valves and fluidic capacitors. Analyst, 2023, 148, 1227.
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Donohue, M. J..; Filla, R. T.; Steyer, D. J.; Eaton, W. J.; Roper, M. G. Rapid liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry quantitation of glucose-regulating hormones from human islets of Langerhans. J. Chrom. A, 2021, 1637, 461805.