Dr. Naresh Dalal, Dirac Professor

Professional Preparation/Appointments

Ph.D.  University of British Columbia (1984)

Contact Information

Email dalal@chem.fsu.edu
Office 204 CSL 850.644.3398
Lab 2700 CSL 850.644.3387

Programs of Research

Materials, Physical

Research Specialties

Solid State Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Photochemistry

Research Interest

Our research focus lies in both the synthesis and characterization of new materials exhibiting novel or improved properties, using experimental as well as theoretical techniques. Research goals include, but are not limited to 1) the study of physical properties of very high spin clusters, 2) the development of new superconductors, highly correlated electron spin systems, and more, 3) understanding of structure-property relationships, and 4) the development of novel applications or improvement of existing instrumental methods (e.g., magnetic susceptibility, specific heat, Raman spectroscopy, high field EPR probe design, NMR methods). Many types of instrumental methods are employed to measure properties of interest and to explore the underlying microscopic mechanisms. Sometimes the use of a certain method requires modification of the existing apparatus or even the development of a new one. For instance we are in the final stages of developing a 3.3 tesla EPR probe for our quantum design PPMS. In addition to these in-house instruments, collaboration with NHMFL allows for the use of high field instruments for ENDOR, DOR, MAS, MQMAS, STM, EPR, and AFM.


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Xu, N.; Christian, J. H.; Dalal, N. S.; Abucayon, E. G.; Lingafelt, C.; Powell, D. R.; Richter-Addo, G. B., Six-coordinate ferric porphyrins containing bidentate N-t-butyl-N-nitrosohydroxylaminato ligands: structure, magnetism, IR spectroelectrochemisty, and reactivity. Dalton Trans. 2015, 44, 20121.
Ramachandran, V.; van Tol, J.; McKenna, A. M.; Rodgers, R. P.; Marshall, A. G.; Dalal, N. S., High Field Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Characterization of Electronic and Structural Environments for Paramagnetic Metal Ions and Organic Free Radicals in Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Tar Balls. Anal. Chem. 2015, 87, 2306.
Kinyon, J. S.; Clark, R.; Dalal, N. S.; Choi, E. S. Ferroelectricity in the gapless quantum antiferromagnet NH4CuCl3. Physical Review B 2015, 92
Gutsev, L. G.; Dalal, N. S.; Gutsev, G. L., Structure and Properties of a (CdSe)6@(CdSe)30 Cluster Doped with Mn Atoms. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2015, 119, 6261.
Fu, R.; Gunaydin-Sen, O.; Chiorescu, I.; Dalal, N. S., NMR detection of dynamical processes in antiferroelectric nanoclusters during the order-disorder transition in NH4H2AsO4. Physical Review B 2015, 91, 140102.