Dr. Salvatore Profeta, Jr. Coordinator, Upper Level Undergrad Labs

Dr. Albert E. Stiegman

Professional Preparation/Appointments

B.A. Temple University (1973)
Ph.D. University of Georgia (1978)
Postdoctoral Florida State Univ (1979)
Teaching Fellow Univ California-San Francisco (1980-82)

Contact Information

Email profeta@chem.fsu.edu
Office  CSL 850.644
Lab  CSL 850.644.

Programs of research


Research Specialties

Computational Chemistry

Research Interest

Dr. Profeta’s research throughout the past five decades has focused on the development and application of computational chemistry and chemoinformatic tools to facilitate the analysis of drug-receptor interactions, the efficient design and synthesis of biologically active agents, and the ability to accurately predict both physico-chemical properties as well as toxicological behavior. When he is not working on the curriculum development for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Lab courses, he is training students in the use of SPARTAN to model structures and properties. While Dr. Profeta no longer takes graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, he does supervise Directed Individual Study and Honors Thesis Undergraduate students.


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