Dr. Yan Zeng, Assistant Professor

Professional Preparation/Appointments

Ph.D., McGill University (2020)
Postdoc, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2020-2022)
Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2023)

Contact Information

Email yzeng2@fsu.edu
Office 2203 or 2009 CSL 850.64x.xxxx
Lab 0116 CSL 850.645.9408

Programs of Research

Materials, Inorganic, Physical

Research Specialties

Environment and Energy, Solid State Chemistry, Synthesis and Catalysis, Nanoscience

Research Interest

At the Zeng Research Lab, we are exploring and advancing clean energy solutions through the synergistic integration of robotics, AI, advanced materials, and green chemical processes. Our interdisciplinary approach combines robotic tools, materials synthesis techniques, characterizations (chemical, structural, electrochemical), and advanced modeling methods (chemical thermodynamics, machine learning). We strive to design and develop novel materials with outstanding electrochemical and catalytical performance, targeting energy technologies such as batteries, fuel cells, and more. Furthermore, our research extends to the development of sustainable chemical processes that enable the extraction of critical metals from both natural and recycling resources. Join us in shaping a greener and sustainable future by exploring innovative solutions for clean energy.


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Zeng, Y.;  Ouyang, B.;  Liu, J.;  Byeon, Y.-W.;  Cai, Z.;  Miara, L. J.;  Wang, Y.; Ceder, G., High-entropy mechanism to boost ionic conductivity. Science 2022, 378 (6626), 1320-1324.
Jun, K.;  Sun, Y.;  Xiao, Y.;  Zeng, Y.;  Kim, R.;  Kim, H.;  Miara, L. J.;  Im, D.;  Wang, Y.; Ceder, G., Lithium superionic conductors with corner-sharing frameworks. Nature Materials 2022, 21 (8), 924-931.
Szymanski, N. J.;  Zeng, Y.;  Bennett, T.;  Patil, S.;  Keum, J. K.;  Self, E. C.;  Bai, J.;  Cai, Z.;  Giovine, R.;  Ouyang, B.;  Wang, F.;  Bartel, C. J.;  Clément, R. J.;  Tong, W.;  Nanda, J.; Ceder, G., Understanding the Fluorination of Disordered Rocksalt Cathodes through Rational Exploration of Synthesis Pathways. Chemistry of Materials 2022, 34 (15), 7015-7028.
Szymanski, N.;  Zeng, Y.;  Huo, H.;  Bartel, C.;  Kim, H.; Ceder, G., Toward autonomous design and synthesis of novel inorganic materials. Materials Horizons 2021.
Zeng, Y.;  Chiu, H.-C.;  Rasool, M.;  Brodusch, N.;  Gauvin, R.;  Jiang, D.-T.;  Ryan, D. H.;  Zaghib, K.; Demopoulos, G. P., Hydrothermal crystallization of Pmn21 Li2FeSiO4 hollow mesocrystals for Li-ion cathode application. Chemical Engineering Journal 2019, 359, 1592-1602.