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NMR Requirements


NMR spectrometer room access and/or login credentials for any of the spectrometer attached computers will be provided to you upon completion of the NMR training sessions. Please email Dr. Banghao Chen for training related questions. To request security access, please complete the form located on the Chemistry Intranet (

When starting the Topspin software program you may be prompted for some or all of the following information.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Department Budget ID Number (6 digits long)
  • Fund Number (3 digits long)
  • Project Number (6 digits long)
  • Chartfield2 or Fund Type (e.g. NSF, NIH, Allocation, Startup)

Please note that all requested information is required, and that you will not be able to start the Topspin software until the requirements are met.

The first and last name provided is cross referenced with the personnel directory defined on the departmental website. Therefore, before attempting to use any of the instruments, please check the validity of your information listed under your defined group. Please ensure you are listed on the directory, your name is spelled correctly, and ensure that you have defined your major professor (Only if your a graduate student or Postdoc).


Spectrometer usage is billed at a hourly rate on a monthly basis to the budget provided. To ensure that the correct budget is used, please check with your major professor and use the budget information provided. All of the information required can be found on the budget bar code provided by your professor.

Budget Card Information Example

Budget Card Example

Breakdown denoted by color:

  • Major Professor/Principle Investorgator
  • FUND Type/Chart Field II
  • Department ID Number
  • Fund Number
  • Project number