Dr. Joseph B. Schlenoff

Robert O. Lawton Professor, Leo Mandelkern Professor of Polymer Science

Professional Preparation/Appointments

B.S. University of Bristol (1980)
Ph.D University of Massachusetts  (1987)
Senior Editor, Langmuir

Contact Information

Email schlen@chem.fsu.edu
Office 2006 CSL 850.644.3001
Lab 2901 CSL  

Programs of Research

Analytical, Materials

Research Specialties


Research Interest

​Polyelectrolytes with opposite charges associate into complexes or coacervates. As thin films, these complexes control surface properties including bioadhesion.  Coacervates, found in nature as membraneless organelles in cells, are held together by multiple “sticky” charge-charge interactions. This special type of attraction can be moderated by salt (“saloplasticity”) providing unprecedented control over the materials properties of this fascinating form of amorphous condensed matter.

Faculty Interview


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M. Yang, J. Shi, J.B. Schlenoff, Control of Dynamics in Polyelectrolyte Complexes by Temperature and Salt. Macromolecules 2019, 52, 1930-1941.

H.M. Fares, Q. Wang, M. Yang, J.B. Schlenoff, Swelling and Inflation in Polyelectrolyte Complexes. Macromolecules, 2019, 52, 610-619.

H.M. Fares, Y.E. Ghoussoub, J.D. Delgado, J.C. Fu, V.S. Urban, J.B. Schlenoff, Scattering Neutrons Across the Polyelectrolyte Complex/Coacervate Continuum. Macromolecules, 2018, 51, 4959-4955.

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