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May 28 – August 2, 2024 (A 10-Week Program)

The interaction of light with matter forms the foundation for a variety of natural phenomena and many new technologies. It encompasses such diverse areas as photonics, information transmission and storage, spectroscopy, solar energy conversion, photodynamic therapy, photocatalysis, and photomagnetism. Training new generations of scientists prepared to sustain these research efforts and to take them to new frontiers is crucial to the successful growth of our nation’s economy and energy security. With this goal in mind, the FSU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry has established the REU Site that will offer undergraduate students diverse research opportunities focused on various aspects of light-matter interactions. The project leverages the long-standing tradition of research excellence in the areas of photochemistry and spectroscopy established in our Department.

The REU Site pursues three major directions that constitute research focus groups (RFGs): photoreactions and their mechanisms; solar energy conversion; plasmonic nanoparticles; and photoresponsive materials. We encourage you to read about the research projects available along these directions, as well as about the faculty members participating in this REU program. Besides everyday activities in the research labs, the REU program includes a weekly Photochemistry Café that offers the students an opportunity to learn about the subject in an informal workshop setting and weekly REU meetings, during which the students will be able to present their research findings, as well as to learn about the graduate school application process and strategies.

Besides the stated research goals, the REU Site especially aims to provide research opportunities to:

  1. Students from underrepresented groups in STEM at schools in north Florida, southern Georgia, and southeastern Alabama;
  2. Students who are first-generation college students;
  3. Students from universities with limited research opportunities;
  4. Student veterans from FSU and other universities.


The NSF-REU eligibility rules require that students must be U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or permanent residents of the United States. Students who will graduate at the end of the spring 2024 semester are not eligible for this program. Otherwise, undergraduate students at any level of education may apply, although we encourage applications by the current sophomores and juniors (second- and third-year undergraduates).