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May28 – August 2, 2024

The REU faculty mentors are listed below, with research interests related to the current REU program and links to their research websites.

Faculty Member Research Area/Interests
Igor Alabugin Organic/Materials: organic photoreaction mechanisms
Eugene DePrince Theoretical/Physical: nanomagnetism; magnet dynamics
Kenneth Hanson Materials/Inorganic: solar energy conversion, molecular photophysics, organic-inorganic hybrid materials
Edwin Hilinski Organic/Materials: synthesis, characterization, and studies of photoactive molecules
Justin Kennemur Polymers/Organic: utilization of light to make or break polymer chains
Bryan Kudisch Inorganic/Physical/Organic: Environment and energy, spectroscopy and photochemistry, synthesis and catalysis
Susan Latturner Materials/Inorganic: magnetic alloys, metal sulfide photovoltaic materials, flux synthesis
Biwu Ma Materials/Inorganic/Physical: light emitting materials and devices, luminescence-based environmental sensing
Lea Nienhaus Physical/Materials/Inorganic: light-matter interaction at the nanoscale, energy transfer at hybrid inorganic-organic interfaces, scanning probe microscopy
Jack Saltiel Physical Organic: mechanisms of photochemical reactions with emphasis on biochemically significant processes and molecules
Michael Shatruk Materials/Inorganic: light-induced magnetic state switching, molecule-based inorganic and organic magnetic materials
Geoffrey Strouse Materials/Inorganic: hybrid photovoltaic architectures, quantum dots
Lei Zhu Organic/Materials: chemistry and applications of fluorescent organic dyes