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Organic Chemistry Faculty

Areas: Organic, Materials
Specialties: Synthesis and Catalysis, Computational Chemistry, Environment and Energy, Photochemistry and Spectroscopy

The Alabugin research group focuses on the discovery of new chemical reactions, synthesis of unusual molecules, and stereoelectronic connections between structure and reactivity.

Areas: Organic
Specialties: Synthesis and Catalysis, Chemical Biology

The Frederich research group focuses on the chemistry and biology of architecturally complex natural products.

Areas: Inorganic, Materials, Physical, Organic
Specialties: Environment and Energy, Spectroscopy and Photochemistry, Synthesis and Catalysis

The Hanson research group focuses on the design, synthesis and characterization of light absorbing and emitting molecules for various applications.

Areas: Organic
Specialties: Spectroscopy and Photochemistry

Many important phenomena that interact to determine the outcome of a chemical reaction occur in the time regime from 10-13 to 10-6 seconds.

Areas: Materials, Organic
Specialties: Environment and Energy, Nanoscience, Synthesis and Catalysis

The Kennemur research team focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and properties of functional polymers towards precise, biomimetic, stimuli-responsive, nanostructured, and/or sustainable materials.

Areas: Analytical, Organic, Materials, Physical
Specialties: Bioanalytical, Environment and Energy, Nanoscience, Photochemistry and spectroscopy, Synthesis and Catalysis

We focus on understanding, controlling and tailoring the interfaces between inorganic nanomaterials and various systems, including biological materials, metal complexes and fluorescent compounds.

Areas: Analytical, organic, physical
Specialties: Spectroscopy and Photochemistry

Photochemistry of organic molecules; elucidation of the mechanisms of selected photochemical reactions with emphasis on biochemically significant molecules.

Areas: Organic
Specialties: Synthesis and Catalysis

Research in the Smith Lab is committed to the synthesis of complex molecules and reaction invention.

Areas: Materials, Organic
Specialties: Bioanalytical, Chemical Biology, Synthesis and Catalysis, Spectroscopy and Photochemistry

The Zhu group is interested in solving fundamental problems in chemistry and developing new technologies using the tools in supramolecular chemistry.