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The Herron Lecture

The Herron Lectureship was endowed to the FSU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry by the Herron Family to honor the memory of Charles S. Herron. Charles was an undergraduate student at FSU who always spoke highly of the Chemistry Department and in particular the mentor-ship he received from Carl Dittmer. The annual Herron lecturer is is selected for their groundbreaking research contributions to chemistry and biochemistry as decided by a student committee. Also in the spirit of the award, during their visit to FSU the Herron Lecturer spends time meeting with both students and faculty.
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The Katherine B. Hoffmann Lecture in Environmental Chemistry

The Hoffmann lectureship was established to honor Dr. Katherine “Kitty” Hoffmann who obtained her bachelor’s degree from Florida State College for Women (FSU before it was FSU). She went on to become a professor in the Department of Chemistry and left a strong and long-lasting legacy. Kitty is one of our most celebrated graduates and colleagues. The Hoffmann Lecturers are internationally renowned scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the areas of environmental, sustainable, and/or green chemistry.
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The Harry Kroto Lecture in Chemical Physics

The Kroto lectureship recognizes the legacy of Prof. Harry Kroto including his educational achievements and outstanding research in the area of chemical physics. The lectureship is designed to highlight the contributions from scientists at the mid-career level. The speaker is chosen as a rising star in chemical physics and/or physical chemistry with groundbreaking research contributions.
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The Edward Mellon Lecture in Chemical Education

The Mellon lectureship recognizes the outstanding work by Prof. Edward Mellon as chemical educator in our department. In his honor, this lectureship is used to invite speakers that have made exemplary contributions in the field of chemical education.
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The Herron Lecturers

2009 Gary Hieftje (Indiana University)
2011 Edwin L. Thomas (MIT)
2012 Timothy M. Swager (MIT)
2013 Andrej Sali (UC San Francisco)
2014 Harry Gray (Caltech)
2017 Ken Houk (UCLA)
2018 Jeremiah Johnson (MIT)
2019 Andreas Manz (KIST Europe)
2020 Joseph Loo (UCLA)

The Hoffmann Lecturers

2012 Joseph Bozell (University of Tennessee)
2013 Francois Morel (Princeton University)
2014 Joseph Hupp (Northwestern University)
2015 Jeff Chanton (FSU)
2018 Vicki Grassian (UC San Diego)
2019 Paul Chirik (Princeton)

The Kroto Lecturers

2011 Martin Jarrold (Indiana University)
2012 Greg Scholes (University of Toronto)
2014 Martin Zanni (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
2015 Todd Martinez (Stanford University)
2016 Christine Aikens (Kansas State University)
2017 Martin Gruebele (University of Illinois)
2018 Katarzyna Pernal (Łódź Univ. Technology)
2019 Naomi Ginsberg (UC Berkeley)

The Mellon Lecturers

1969 Jay Young (Washington, DC)
1970 Michael Kasha (Florida State University)
1971 Bob West (University of Wisconsin)
1972 Bill Kiefer (College of Wooster)
1973 Arthur Campbell (Harvey Mudd College)
1974 Ernest Burkman, ISS Director (Florida State University)
1975 M.J.S. Dewar (University of Texas at Austin)
1976 Ted Brown (University of Illinois)
1977 Henry A. Bent (North Carolina State University)
1978 David F. Dever (Macon Junior College)
1979 Derek Davenport (Purdue University)
1980 Bassam Zekin Shakhashiri (University of Wisconsin)
1981 G. Mattney Cole (University of Georgia)
1982 Sheila Tobias (Washington, DC)
1983 Edward Mellon (Florida State University)
1984 John W. Moore (Eastern Michigan University)
1985 Sister Mary Virginia Orna, O.S.U. (College of New Rochelle)
1986 J. Dudley Herron (Purdue University)
1987 George Bodner (Purdue University)
1988 John C. Kotz (SUNY Oneonta)
1989 Kenneth G. Tobin (Florida State University)
1990 Darlyne Russell (University of California, Los Angeles)
1991 Truman Schwartz (Macalester College)
1992 J. J. Lagowski (University of Texas)
1993 Edward Mellon (Florida State University)
1994 Russell Drago (University of Florida)
1995 Thomas C. O’Haver (University of Maryland)
1996 Arthur B. Ellis (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
1997 Brian Coppola (University of Michigan)
1998 Loretta Jones (University of Northern Colorado)
1999 James Reeves (University of North Carolina, Wilmington)
2000 Franklin Brown (Tallahassee Community College)
2001 Mary Nakhleh (Purdue University)
2002 Angelica Stacy (University of California, Berkeley)
2003 Rainer Glaser (U. Missouri-Columbia)
2004 Sir Harold Kroto (Florida State University)
2005 James Gallagher (Michigan State University)
2006 Fred A. Senese (Frostburgh University)
2007 Jennifer Lewis (University of South Florida)
2008 Maitland Jones (City University of NY)
2009 Bruce Bursten (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
2011 Kevin Shea (Smith College)
2014 Norbert Pienta (University of Georgia)
2018 Steven Fleming (Temple University)
2019 Anne Baranger (UC Berkeley)
2020 Neil Garg (UCLA)
2021 Mike Summers (HHMI)